Bollywood Dancing & Zumba


Bollywood Dancing is the most fun and energizing activity that can become your next passion.

From young to old , dancing is not only the most calorie burning activity but the one of the best health benefiting work out.

Improves the conditions of your heart and lungs, increase muscular strength, increases endurance and motor control, increases bone strength and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. These are just the few benefits of Bollywood Dancing.

Our professional dancers are well qualified and possess years of knowledge. They are well versed in their craft and know how to tailor them to meet the needs of clients young and old.

Zumba is not a dance per say, it is a fitness program created by Colombian Alberto Perez during the 1990’s and Zumba is a trademark owned by Zumba Fitness, Llc. At R-fitness, All our instructors are ZIN Members(Zumba Instructor Network Members). Zumba offers many different options, thus making it safe for all ages.